USMJ cbd products

USMJ is a supplier of premium cbd products and acsessories. USMJ wanted to expand their business so we revamped their current website by making it easier to naviagte through.

Mood Board

We helped set the tone and mood of the brand. CBD and cannabis related products are in an unregulated market. Our goal was to ensure customers felt comfortable shopping with USMJ and help set an expectation with the demographic.

Website Redesign

The primary source of commerce is done online, not through a brick and mortar. We chose to build this custom site so that it’s easy to navigate, easy to manage and automate on the back end.

Email Results


Click Through

On average the amount of a campaign engaging with content that puts them in a position to buy.


Email Open Rate

The average amount of potential customers that open and see content delivered by email. 12% above the industry average.


Email Revenue

Increase in revenue by automating and continually marketing products and services.



We’ve helped set the standard for inventory management systems so backlogs aren’t created and orders continue.


Working through the process of becoming compliant and ensuring processing stays online.

Customer Service

Creating and upholding the SOP for returns, questions, comments and overall customer support.


Creating meaningful content and automating the process to reduce work and increase sales.


Setting the standards for B2B sales and the ordering and fulfillment process.


Over coming shipping logistics and saving on costs, local and abroad.